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You might get a connection similar to wire-wrap, if the pin has a sharp edge somewhere. Sand/ file/ scrape both the wire and pin to expose shiny bare metal. wrap as many times as you can fit on the pin. Then you need to prevent flexing and loosening. Hot-melt glue could be good for this. Tape is unreliable. Can you obtain (...)
Hello I am still getting unclear idea on how to load test my power supply PCF250-4001. Really needed help who can explain in "layman's terms". You can see the image below the power supply how I am going to connect the load (using load resistor) to satisfy the condition written in user manual of this power supply
I would say you solder wires to these pins. Frank
Its resistance is 35 ohm, Its one end is connected to 18.5 v and other is connected to Drain of MOSFET and gate of the same MOSFET is driven by I/O pin of controller. I want to know power rating of heater and want to design power supply for it. What voltage should I need for such heater? From Voltage =18.5 v and
Easily, use a sharp scalpel to scrape enough of the green solder resistt off the damaged track either side of the break, thenjust solder a thin wire across the gap. A Flux pen will make it go better. Regards, Dan.
Made myself a bobbin out of a piece of copper pipe and two PVC disks that fit over the end. This then fits into a ferrite core of a tv flyback transfomer. I have seen some examples of these where people put a layer of transparency sheet in between each layer of wire, however I have found this ends up taking up a lot of space with multiple layers i
You can wrap a thin bare or tinned copper wire around transistor pin and cable to fix the latter. Then solder it regularly. You can inspect commercial available instruments, e.g. DC/DC inverters, how they do it. Sockets for this case style are available, but possibly not in your area. Voltage drops are lower with soldered connection anywa
You could just make your own. wrap a bunch of wire around an old transformer core. Cost=0. Depends on what you call "decent".
I have an "E" shaped Ferrite piece. I intend to wrap wire around each leg of the Ferrite. Snuggle the Ferrite up next to the flywheel of a 5 Hp B&S lawn mower engine. The object is to power a Needle Valve in the Carb through induced voltage.:-D (invention) I dont know what kind of induced voltage to expect. So I don't know what size or number
Hi, I have a PIR motion detector mounted in the garden. At night when it detects movement it switches on a 500W (220V) flood light hopefully to deter intruders. I have no way of knowing when the light is activated so I thought if I could detect the change in current I could make a circuit that would sound a small buzzer inside the house. Is it poss
Hi, Yes, its a 50Ohm & Twisted pair(wire wrap) is a ca. 100Ohm cable. If you did ignored the higher impedance of your twistedpairs, maybe it will be less problematic with a 50Ohm coaxial, even if its not properly matched/terminated... K.
Here's a slick wireless system: If you want to build your own, start with a 12 volt, 6-10 amphour battery. Use adequate gauge wire to the ignitors (AWG18 or AWG 22). Use switches that are rated for the ignitor current (5 amp?) I used to wrap a copper wire short across each ignitor until everyth
I am planning a board which has upto 20 IC(Through hole) as a prototype on a wire-wrap board. will use wire-wrap wires and my question is related to the power distribution network; since I am not using PCB and thus power/gnd planes not relevant, so will use power/gnd bus, how it is recommend to connect (...)
Hi, Have used turned pin connectors which accept solid core wire or breadboard wires etc. You can buy them in single stips or if not in your area, cut up some 40 pin turned pin sockets. If you want through board long pins, then go for the turned pin wire wrap sockets, but they are expensive, and not sure if they (...)
This is a very SIMPLE board can prototyped by hand i have in the past used cynal chips and wire them by hand . Ity can be done all in needed is a very sharp solderin iron .i better to use reflux soldering paste .not wire .And wire wrap wire. Added after 1 minutes: This is a very SIMPLE board can pro
You can get a cheap ready made flyback transformer here (maybe even a free sample) and do as FVM suggested. just buy a Torrid and wrap your own,using magnet wire.I've done this a few times it's pretty tedious you need over a hundred turns on the primary in my case north America. Just
A more Updated Link to wire wrap a motherboard would be: . The 80486 is probably the last generation you could get by with wire wrapping, (Lower clock than 33mhz that is). Even so the original message is so old that I doubt the author cares about designing a motherboard.
hi, where can i find info about wire wrap wiring technic ??? avi.
I want to build a circuit that will pick-up induction from a pulse generated by an engine sparkplug and create a nice digital signal from it... The trick is to wrap a wire about 10 turns around the sparkplug wire. The problem is that I don't know how to filter this noisy signal. The maximum spark duration will be 0.5 ms. So I (...)
8) With increasing Speeds it is not practical to use wire wrap techniques and if you want to do some SMPS or DC DC converter,just dont do it. wire wrapping tools are still available