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For short range within 100 meters you can use this If you use mikroC Compiler then you can use manchester encoding with this RF module. It connects to PIC using UART. If your Robot doesn't send back any data to master controller then you only need receiver
Arduino projects nathan.chantre
Hi All, I like to do few zigbee or similar wireless based projects. where can i get the development boards in india. what are the things need to be consider before buying the boards. please give your views. Thanks and Regards, Ashok Kumar P
dude,go for rf(radio frequency) module based wireless transmission..infra red ,,its old now.. nowadays,projects are mostly based on rf or wifi... google about that.learn simple projects based on them.. experience matters in any field
hi frnds im doing final year projects based on finger print based wireless voting machine ,i need finger print sample coding using c language ,idnt know how add the finger print and delete and search so help me ,my email id is
kindly tell me few of the possible projects using 1. microcontroller and ethernet :!: embedded webserver, and wireless LAN