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Infineon has pretty large RF transistor portfolio.
i have system and i want to write matlab code for this system to calculate outage probability vs SNR from relay to destination in defrent fading environment ( rayleigh one channel , nakagami onther channel ) can you please help me for that.
O.K., people call it remote switch or wireless switch. The multi channel feature is simply about assigning unique control codes to each device, generating them in the transmitter and decoding it. There are many retail products of this kind, also many DIY projects on the internet. Do you have specific questions? - - -
Hi all, I have a matlab code that calculate the BER of BPSK modulation over a rayleigh channel I want to apply it to a sensor network ,how do I proceed. matlab code: % Script for computing the BER for BPSK modulation in a % Rayleigh fading channel clear N = 10^6 % number of bits or symbols % Transmitter ip = rand(1,N)>0.5;
I have collected the received signal strength in dBm in a range within -25 to -110, which is transmitted by a GSM base station with a channel scanner. I want to find out the channel fading based on these signal measurements. The steps that I take into account are as follows: adding the path loss to the measurements (lognormal path loss equation)
Hi, I am little confused about channel propagation of a wireless waveform. I know that y= h*x + n -------- in time domain Y=HX+N --------in frequency domain where h is the channel impulse response which can be rayleigh or rician if small scale fading is considered. But what happens in large scale fading (...)
Hi , I would like to design and test a FSK modulation method so that it can be used for wireless power transfer receiver Coil. Thanks Simplest way is to use a digital frequency divider, and switch between two different division ratios. It really depends on the operating frequency and how far you wish to shift the fr
Hi, I have heard that the first step in setting up any form of communication system is modeling of the channel that you are using... Can someone explain what exactly is channel modeling and how is it done. Also what are TAPS?
hello everyone, i am a student and got a project for "implementation of a channel equalizer for a wireless OFDM according to the IEEE 802.11a and Hiperlan/2 standard." i dont have knowledge about system level design environments for DSPs into FPGAs..,what i have is this ieee paper and nothing else, i was unable to gain knowledge on internet:
I am trying to analyse different aspects of wireless transmission for Reflecting wall and fixed antenna. This is used in order to determine the location of base stations and power to be transmitted. Given is the f=900 MHz, d=20km, r=5 km
Hi all, I made some measurements at 60 GHz indoor which i would like to simulate with wireless insite (or any other software if this is not feasible with wireless insite). The parameter i measured was the received power over the bandwidth 60.020-60.560 GHz with a frequency sweep every 2 MHz . The behaviour i get is changing a lot over the fre
Noise Sources: Internal Random noise in resistors and transistors Mixer noise Undesired cross-coupling noise Power supply noise External EMI, Co-channel, Adjacent channel, cosmic noise, Power Line transients etc. SNR= Signal Power/Noise Power Det
Hi everybody, I was wondering if there's some kind of (channel) matched filter or even a whitening filter in a high speed serdes receiver??? From my theoretical knowledge it is very common in wireless receivers to improve the SNR (and afterwards to whiten the colored noise with an whitening filter) like shown in this abstract model: [url=
Hi! What is the channel gain for wireless network? Can anyone give the detailed explanation? What is its relationship with channel fading and path loss? How to calculate the channel gain? Any comments or leads would be helpful. Thanks in advance for your kind help.
Hello, my name is Jason and i have a little problem. i have a little camera, and i would like to add 2 wireless pushbutton switches to it. The camera has 2 buttons: one to turn the device on and off. the second to take a picture, if you press longer it takes a video. I would like to install these 2 switches so that when i push one of the
Hi , I have the book called "optical wireless communication:system and channel modeling with matlab" and i'm currently learning PPM modulation. i've come to the part on performance under AWGN channel where the author explained about the error probability with soft decision and came to the analytic solution that was taken from "digital (...)
I don't know if this is the correct site for the following questions that I have. If this is not the right site please let me know where I might find a better site for my questions and please accept my apologies. I would like to know if anyone might be able to help me understand why there would be any interference betwee
What is CFI in channel estimation in wireless communication?
Consider a SIMO frequency flat wireless communication system with one transmitter and two receivers and with channel knowledge at the receive antennas. Derive the relation for the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the receiver?
hi all, i need to send data through wireless channel. for this task i have selected the UHF transmitter and receiver. but now can anyone tell me that how to give input to the transmitter. i have to send two bits, which is simple integers. thank you in advance.
Hi all, I am currently working on this project - Spatial Modulation for Multiple-Antenna wireless Systems This project will focus on building the simulation program using MATLAB to study the performance of SM under different channel fading conditions, number of transmit-antennas, and power allocation methods. I am having difficultie
Hi I am new Mathlab and need help. I've been asked to select a technology for a wireless link to carry data from a data collection system to a server. The link carries data at 600kbps and operate at a centre frequency of 440MHz. Use the following modulation schemes: 4-ASK, BPSK, 8PSK, QFSK, 8FSK & 16QAM Does anyone know how do I code the modua
plz tell me the co channel interference nd adjacent channel interference in detail early? there is my exam yesterday its really urgent plz help me?:cry:
Hi all, Normally wireless channels are modeled as time variant channels, I agree to it. But is it a Linear or nonlinear channel. It must be nonlinear time varying channel isn't it? But somewhere I read wireless channels are linear time varying channels. (...)
hi! I need to do the modelling of wireless channels under the condition (Reflecting wall, fixed antenna) by using MATLAB codes.And the problem is like below but i dont't know how to start with MATLAB codes.Please help me with some solution. Question)The structure of wireless transmission system in which the object is in a fixed position (...)
Hi, Take a look here to understand ber simulation. Simulation of wireless communication channels is more difficult. Regards. Chaker
If everyone had a wireless mic, you would need many different frequencies. You would need a multi-channel receiver, monitoring all frequencies, and combining all signals to one hearing aid. This would be unwieldy although it is ideal. Networking the units is a worth a try. I don't know how possible it would be to have more than one person talking,
i am doing a project on inter-operator spectrum sharing. i would like to know how to generate users with their subsequent bit rates from a base station using matlab. the channel is wireless and i will calculate for the pathloss, shadowing, the received signal as well as the Signal to Noise Ratio.
Hi, I am currently working on a mini-project which is related to performance evaluation of a MIMO scattering wireless channel model using simulink. I am not sure where exactly should I start. Shall I start with Adaptive MIMO System with OSTBC demo or [URL="http
I just couldn't get this sentence that I take from Rappaport book on wireless communication in the chapter on "Multiple Access"- "In wideband systems, the transmission bandwidth of a single channel is much larger than the coherence bandwidth of the channel. Thus, multipath fading does not greatly vary the received signal power within a wideb
Hi friend, Its better to take a project on Optical CDMA. In a single channel, shared medium, wireless network the state depends on the channel conditions. The wireless medium is much noiser than the wired medium due to fading (slow and fast), multipath effects and frequency selective fading. In wireless (...)
hello, am using gaussian noise as my channel for my project ,transmission of optical signals in free space. how do i know what variance value to use?? and how do i use it for different values of distance say between 10m to 50m distnace
Hi everyone, I have an assignment to analyse performance of adaptive modulation and I am reading literature that are available so far. I read in a paper that the average channel power gain can be assumed to be 1 with appropriate scaling of average transmit power. Is anyone familiar with this statement and able to help me understand? I hav
hey guys , im a final year student , working on a pulsed oximeter project for my graduation , i took alook at the threads already posted but i have fuond that alot of people complained about using the oximeter with the MSP430. for my project, i tried to design a circuit for the probe, it worked but its not up to my expectations. now the thing is ,
i am doing project on controlling the speed of motor by changing firing angle of scr. For this i am using a wireless remote to control the speed of motor. i want to knw the programming of this i can read data from tsop1738 and use it to control firing angle of scr. pls help me out!
Hi, I want to control upto 8 dc toy motors wirelessly(clockwise and anticlockwise rotation). I want to make my own transmitter and receiver circuits. Can any one please help me for making this wireless remote control. And you would be helpful if you provide me a working schematic diagram.
What are the main types of Equalization technique used to remove the effect of fading in wireless rayleigh channel.
This is a standard procedure to get the all-channel radiated sensitivity, using as a reference a quiet channel (Reference channel). I don't know what wireless system is about, but I would prefer when doing radiated sensitivity to use BER (bit error rate) instead FER (frame error rate). BER is direct related to SNR of the (...)
They are usually random for wireless channels and follows a known pdf. You can directly use MATLAB's Rayleighchan function or search the web for some famous channel profiles (fixed value bins)
I have done joint detection for MIMO. How do I make my codes separate detection? N1=1000000; % number of iterations for s = 0:SNR s1=s+1; % noise amplitude noisefactor = (10^((-s)/20))*sqrt(2); % creating channel coeffiecients H_symbol = (randn(N1,4)+ j * randn(N1,4))/sq
Hi, Suppose we have aperiodic sequence x, and we process it to make it periodic sequence \tilde{x} with period P, and we transmit this periodic sequence over a wireless channel. To apply DFT at the receiver, would it be possible to do that after dropping the added samples to x that made it \tilde{x}
Hi all, i need some suggestions regarding selection of channel for OFDM system..I have implemented OFDM transmitter and now searching for wireless channel other than AWGN,RAYLEIGH and RICIAN channels.I need it urgently..Can anyone suggest please...:!:
actually my FYP project is about to investigate the performance of voice echo over wireless project is using adaptive filter combined with bessel i want to know more about bessel filter..please anybody help me...:-(
suppose I have a 4by4 matrix. data = ; assume row 1 contains same data of SNR =1 ; row 2 contains same data of SNR =2; row 3 contains same data of SNR =3; row 4 contains same data of SNR =4; can anybody suggest any code for filtering for better SNR vs ber perfrom
Hi, I am very new in wireless systems I have tried to simulate QAM on Rayleigh fading channel This is a mathematical model of Rayleigh fading channel y = hx + n where y = complex receive vector h = channel gain according to Rayleigh fading x = complex transmit vector n = complex AWGN noise I'm so confused (...)
M.d.C. Technology is excited to announce that we succeeded in pushing a wireless 802.15.4 channel close to its limits. We were able to transmit 40 digital signals sampled up to 1000 samples per second over the wireless 802.15.4 protocol. In total, then, that amounts to 40000 bits per second transmitted and received over the air. This is a (...)
please anyone can help DFE-PIC matlab code for wireless image processing
Q. In the formula for calculation of average fade duration of wireless fading channel,we divide Pr(r<=R) by level crossing rate . Why we divide by level crossing rate ?
hi guys.. can someone pls exaplain to me how to use this decoder incoder in some wireless application... I read about this but still not clear to me.. let me raise a question.. how do I control a device with this chip wirelessly ? I mean the transmitter transmits then the receiver receives fromt the transmitter but how will the transmitter identi
Hi, I am doing channel measurements for wireless channels. I want to know how to calculate the rician K factor from these measurements. If someone knows this please let me know. Thanks Carole