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It's "do-able" with some extra electronics but by the time you have made the microphone attenuator, headset amplifier and a push-to-talk (PTT) circuit you are most of the way to a new wireless link anyway. It may be more appropriate to drop the iPhone and just use short range radio modules. I used to operate ham radio from a motorcyle so I appreci
We need not be surprised if FM transmitters are scarce on the commercial market. The reasons are easy to imagine. You can try extracting the FM transmitter from a low cost wireless mic of the kind called 'Mr Microphone'. Or similar. It may not be stereo. I once purchased a do-it-yourself FM transmitter kit for $8 from an electronics mail order o
Dear friends, I need a circuit for wireless headphone transmitter(Fm).Pls help me. Thanks in advance, R. Balasubramaniaraju
Dear ALL now i understand how the IR wireless headphone works but i have a small ques. now IR must have a line of sight so you will be looking to the IR transmitter so the IR enter your eye?? so is it that danger ?? thanks
Hello. I was wondering if a cordless telephone can be used as a PC headset(headphone+speaker). What type of circuits would be needed at the base unit end?
hi everybody, I want to design a circuit wireless headphone, but how do not work, :|
You should, I believe, first choose the frequency for the wireless transmission. Choose a transciver from BroadCom or TI, buy it and the rest of the story.
I have a Yamaha RX-V995 and would like to be able to connect a set of wireless headphones to the speaker out of the "second room" on the reciever. The headphones have a 1/4" jack. The only headphone jack on the front of the reciever is only for the "main" line out, not the "second room" so the headphone (...)
i need some schemes do build a wireless headphone for my computer, the tranciever and the recever. thank's
Hi all, I am looking for a service manual or schematic for the wireless headphone of "AKG" type Hearo 888. Kind regards
The project is Dual Channel IR headphone, whose carrier is 2.3/2.8Mhz and 3.2/3.6Mhz (A/B switchable) Can anyone have some experience in such headphone circuit? I had try to use TOSHIBA TA2056FN (2.3/2.8Mhz IR receiver), and MC3361 or KA22425 such FM/AM chip to finish demo sample. But there is serious CrossTalk problem between A/B channel.