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Dear friends i have just use tws and rws pair for wireless communication between two 8051 microcontrollers. when i communuicate them with wire, work fine... but problem arise when i used the wirless modules,it does not seems that RWS data pin is not able to drive the Rx pin of 8051,because i have tested that the transmitter is transmitt
Hii friends , I am designing a two chips which need to work on same clock ,But both the chips are not connected they communication is wireless for both these chips. How can I use the same clock between the master and slave which are not connected by any wire
I want to make a network of multi embedded board using wirless communication , those boards will communicate with a base station that connected serially to the PC , all what i want is to know an RF tranciever IC that can make this . This network should connect those station for at least 20 meter spacing Kind Regards Abdulsadek
hi,everyone I want to design RF-fornt IC tranceiver for wirless communication, traditionally, but how to isolation the receiver and transimitter block, any process constrains? such as STI? thanks
Hi All, I'm a student specialized communication.I want to know about signal propagation in wirless communication.Especially in signal lost due to reflection, diffraction and scattering of signals.Pls guide me. KMT
Hi friends, I am an idiot in radio communication. I have a question related to linksys SRX wireless Broadband router and Netstumbler readings. I have made a can antenna for wifi band. and I have a linksys usb adaptor too. I Installed Netstubler in my pc and Netstumbler detected my USB adaptor. now I set up the broadband wirless router abt 5 m
hello. Can any one give me good creative ideas for a project using mobile applications.(using j2me and such). thanks (sorry for my bad english)
hi all eny one know (name of wifi card please send it and send how i can conect it ? and send driver of it with (C languague ) its very important in my graduate project . and send it in my thx for vall helping
I hope that anyone can send me an electronic version of the book of Paulraj "Introduction to space time wirless communication"