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I would say battery voltage,charge current and battery temperature, set a flag to sample the voltage/current every minute or every 5 minutes say All this depends on what you want to do with the data afterwards wizpic
Hi, Agree with wizpic 100%, though to me your project really sounds more like it needs PC based system with plenty of HDD space and speed , perhaps using micros at the points of entry for ticket validation /entry. Don't want to be discouraging, but think it would be a challenge to a professional programmer, never mind a newbie ....
I see this request a lot for voltmeter/ammeter so I thought I'd share my design that I'm working on at the moment using a VREF of 4.096V The volatge side works really well as you can see from the readings of the vout compared to the LCD, This works really well on my dev board,max voltage 50V max current 12.34amps at the momen
Have you tried to update your graphics driver and do you press 3 on the keyboard, I had an old laptop and still was able to view 3d graphics. Try this go to prefernces then PCB editor, Then display and make sure the direct x if possible is ticked use flyover zoom in directx is ticked you can aslo test your direct x from there wizpic
I was thinking of using one of those or a DS18B20 or 21, but the 21 does not increment in .5 deg. Steve, I think if you check Dallas AN 105 you'll find the DS1821 is capable of hi-resolution. If you want some to play with, I can mail you a handful :-) Mike
I can't see any schematics on this site or the original link so how could we build here you go schematic software Fragrance
Try this version I've modifed your drawing a simple mistake. by the way it look a neat little project, What you wrote it in ? wizpic
Hawk looking at your schematic you need to add a diode in between the logic_5V and R2. The way it is at the moment you will send vpp to 5V. Also I've noticed that you have missed the 22pf caps on the crystal wizpic
Join the sit wizpic has linked to, I have a full IPC782 3d library (somewhere) all downloaded from there. It is easy to do and you get them in the format you want very easily. Just remember to untick the option about "remind me to rate this model" otherwise you get emails for each model you download
Proton plus has got a libay you create text file, and CSV for excel, so if you wrote 8 it would store it has 8 sorry I have not used MicroC wizpic
thank u wizpic. i have tried to find similar high side driver for a long time. thnx again
Try this for the power supply and this is the add on for it It may be of help to you wizpic
You could try this or have a look at it, I've not used it but it can go up to 750V I think, It's from a fluke meter I will be in the proccess of trying it out to see how it works What you mean by a 4 digit display LCD or LED'S thanks wizpic i have made this meter on led display the schematic uploaded by you is complecate
Sorry there is nothing there no PCB, Not sure if Protel auto saves you older PCB you may have to rename it back to PCB file, But there is noting you can do with this file now wizpic
I would not bother with the programmer part has you need the hex file to go with it, and you can't get it unless you already have it, wizpic
I think it just tells you that it was R17 but now it's R2, It's noting to worry about, it just helps you keep track of your design incase you need to back track wizpic
yes you can merge them together it will properbly need code adjustment. Remember wit PIC'S anything and everything is possible to do, you just need to do some research on them. wizpic
check youe LCD connections hs it sounds like an hardware problem, because if it works in proteus then there is no reason why it doe not work in real time. aslo check you have the crystal speed and caps you have power to the MCLR pin and hte LCD is wired correctly other than that it would be inpossible to say wizpic
I will give it a try and see how i get on wizpic
just go into the uninstall folder select all and then simple just delete you no longer need them. That's what I did with my own and everythign still worked ok. There is a newer vesrion our now 6.8 you can download the update from web site or through Alitum it's self wizpic