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1 week of work for 200usd? I think it will be hard to find somebody for this money.
yes that is way too much solder. Try smaller chip resistors and way less solder. Make sure the ground on the coax connectors is intimately soldered to the back side. How do the other parameters simulated match to the measured? For instance, what about isolation? One thing you can do is take a wood Q tip, cut off the cotton end, and put a sm
Hi all I am the user of mentor graphics design architect and eldo sim tool for my analog designs. Now i am working on LT spice at home can i use the libraries from different vendors for the construction of the analog designs. I want to know even is it possible to build large switch circuits in LT Spice. Thanks in advance
I hope this is not a home-work question. Why do you need to find current,you can directly say from charge profile what circuit element resembles. For sake of your title being charge & current relationship,find current,using relationship between I & Q. The charging currents of a capacitor & inductor matches it,but the values you get (...)
use conductive sheets on your working desk ,away from insulators,plastic .....
hi all basically i am from india & my name is vijendra . actually i am looking for some pcb design jobs for home. i have 10 yrs exp in pcb designing. i can work on mentorgrahics pads, orcad & i had worked on Altium designer also , I can design the pcb upto 12 layers. So if anybody has pcb design jobs for me than please (...)
Hi, I built a little battery pack in a .50 cal machine gun ammo container. Its 3 6amp hour 12v batteries with a charge controller, a switch and a 30 amp fuse. I charge it with about 8 sq feet of solar panels. It works fine for running things like motors or lights. (A small fan for example), however when I put a 12v to 110v inverter on it, it
hello, I wish to take an Altium project home and work on it from my home PC. Which of the files that have appeared in the project folder do i have to take home.... is it just XXXX.PrjPCB XXXX.PCBLIB XXXX.SCHLIB XXXX.SCHDOC do i need the .REP or the .CMP files, or any more files. I (...)
yes that should work. As long as only one person checkes out the license from Altium.
Which AVR are U using? it seems you want to use the TIMER CAPT interrupt (which seems to not work as stated on the datasheet, but could be a simulation issue ) I suggest use the timer overflow, which is set at top, (which is ICF = 280 in your code Here, i tested your code, change here and there, and cha
I built a home sound system using a computer power supply and car audio head unit but I lose the presets every time I switch off. There is a yellow wire from the audio unit for memory. Can I connect this to the positive of a 9 volt battery whilst the unit is being powered by 12 volt? Maybe place a 1 amp diode between the positive terminal of 9 volt
Hello. I'm new to the forum and to Altium. I work on it from 3 weeks and i have some question. At work i dont have access to youtube so i can only consult at home. So my major problem was : how to make a clear integrated lib. I explain. I try from 3 weeks to make int lib with schematic, footprint and 3d. I (...)
You will need both the centre point of the camera and the laser pointer to make this algorithm work
Hi Abu, EDA board is about discussing things which you feel difficult to comprehend, you can request how to draw a cmos schematic but not ask someone to finish your home work. You stand a chance of getting a warning from the forum moderators if you do so. I would suggest you to go through weste Principles of CMOS design...If you have (...)
Dear all I am working in Europe as asic design eng for abt 6 years now. I am originally from india, home town bangalore. I want to relocate to India, though my job in Europe is safe but still some how i am not very comfortable here and wen i see the sal ranges in India I am sure it more comfortable to live and work (...)
Might be interesting for you: "Sometimes there is a need to connect to the office and work from home. All that is required is an ability to SSH to home computer. from home of course you can't SSH to work (otherwise you just do ssh -C -X from (...)
Hi, Schematic should be OK but you'll definitely have troubles with building the project because there are no debugging features - no ISP program connector, on Reset line there is huge capacitor and small resistor. When you make project keep in mind that the hardest part is to make it working and that you'll need debugging features. I would sugges
Looking for Skilled Engineers to join our small team of analog, ESD and IO designers. Opportunity will allow for you to work from home more often than not though we have an immediate position that requires 5 months onsite at a clients location. We are a flexible, self-managing group. Full Salary and benefits are available. Please (...)
Actually this depends on the angle from which you are looking. For the majority of bosses the best engineer is the bootlicker, the snitch... This one is the first how gets promotions ... Others classifies as good engineers those who produce a lot, work more than 10 Hour per/day sometime the weekend, do extra works at home, (...)
Yes, the X2 capacitor is 0.15uF (150nF). This is an AC power line filter, and in gereral is used in opposite direction, to limit the conducted emission from devices to AC mains (opposite direction). It may not work peroperly.