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You get .hex file after reading a chip (PICxxxxxxx) if the chip is not locked. You won't get .c or .h files. You can use a disaaembler to get asm code from .hex file and then study this asm code and write .c code according to the working of the system.
guys can anyone help me to design this. Pick one: - deity of your choice - you Just pick whatever works for you and gets the job done. :) Bonus help: if you expect people to help, at least take the time to write up a proper non-ambiguous list of requirements.
Hello! I just had a look at TI page, they write (for G2x series): Basic Clock Module Configurations Internal Frequencies up to 16 MHz With Four Calibrated Frequency Internal Very-Low-Power Low-Frequency (LF) Oscillator 32-kHz Crystal External Digital Clock Source So if there are pre calibrated frequencies
I have doubt regarding SPLIT and RETRY. * Does the slave respond with SPLIT & RETRY for Data write i.e data from master to slave? * If a master wants to do locked transfer which crosses 1K address boundary, for sure arbiter will remove the grant when master reaches 1K boundary. Will the arbiter regrant the bus to the same master even (...)
LOOK FOR TEMS POCKET: I think if i can read flash of a sonyericson mobile that has tems pocket and write it to another that doesn't have tems pocket, tems pocket will be at another! Is it true?
I think the chip is locked self and i can't unlock it. The chip is unlocked once an erase command has been issued. If you're using Asim Khan ISP3.0 then clicking on write button will first erase the chip and then the new hex file written into microcontroller. In order to check your (...)