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A combinational circuit with an output that is fed back as one of the circuits inputs is a combo loop. As you've written it with a clock selecting a D input or the feedback path the assignment describes a latch that has a combo loop. Both of which aren't a good idea to implement in an FPGA. If this was an interview question and the (...)
Hi All, I want to know what are the topics mnc(exclusively) companies ask in written test for internship position in physical design as a fresher . If any1 can provide some sample questions that would be highly helpful or atleast the type of questions they can ask. please help me as much as u can.
What is the signature byte in microcontroller? What wil b the answer for written and interview form? Plz guide me...
hi everyone, I have a call from cosmic ckt , banagalore, I am looking for their written test and intyerview pattern; i would really be grateful if someone can provide me the same. thanks in advance!! Regards, Akhil
Ok can u please tell me wt they are going to ask in the written test...............R u sure that they will ask on tool basics in the interview.............. Plz reply me
Hi all, I have an interview with kawasaki Micro in Bangalore for an analog design position. I am supposed to take a written test and technical discussion session. Any idea what the interview will be like? Thanks.
Please anybody tell me ...what areas one should focus on for written and interview for the following companies.. >>Nvidia >>Texas Instruments >>ST Microelectronics >>Freescale >>Samsung >>Cisco Will b greatful if sombody can also tell me the written paper pattern for the above companies....
what kind of question will be asked in the written test for Altera ? any one can give some tips? thanks
hi, i am a Chinese, and i am going to participate in a interview the day after oral is relatively poor constrast to the written and read level. so i feel nervous about this interview,how should i do now to deal with this interview 。to make effort at the last moment:)
hello all; i need documents with questions(and answers if there any) for communications engineering position interview or written exam in different types of comm. eng. fieldthanx
I want some online site for prparation of general basic questions of computer networking during the campus written test and interview. if somebody can hel me in this regard 8O If there is some site for good c language objective types again with given criterion. I need this urgently :cry: