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You should look at the x10 protocol. I'd suggest you start here Regards.
There is one more option available. Some ICs can be used. These ICs can be found on different manufacturer web sites. If you want a module look at, HTH's On-Line Catalog - PLM-24 Products to find some more use GOOGLE. Try to find using words "PLM", x10 based module, x10 is a protocol for communication over Power Li
you should design a can to x10 tranceiver ???
Hello refer x10 protocol or its relevant documents. Refer TWS523 hardware.
Dear All, I am designing a home automation product. I planned to use x10 protocol. But after googling I really end up in confusion which protocol to choose. Can anybody guide me in choosing a correct protocol for automation product. Any links are also welcome. Regards, Vamanan
for power line communication.. u can use standard x10 protocol... And for wireless.. units you have to be very careful about battery life and power consumption
check I looked at . there was nothing there. I strongly suggest you check the manufacturers website for it. also check: good luck
You can use x10 protocol but there are lots of power line protocol available you just have to search for it. Try to visit microchip site, there you will find one aplication of microcontroller connected to the power line using x10 protocol.
Compiler for pic microcontrollers pic-basic Pro has built in command that supports x10 protocol.
Somebory knows when the technology of x10 protocol came to Brazil? Or, where can i find som e documentation about it? tks
hello Highlander-SP. Just take a look at Maybe you can find some more information there. S.
I need theory of the x10 protocol, but with more details than the most websites that have always the same thing. Somebory can help me? tks
this called Power Line Communication (PLC) also the x10 is its protocol. you can search the web for x10 and you will find very things about protocol,hardware,software,... also see these sites sites 1 2 a site with some goods for sale. 3
Home automation with I2C is not a good idea, to get the most of the technology, study the x10 protocol.
Research on the x10 protocol.
I have implemented x10 protocol, to switch-on/off my appliances via internet.