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how to configuration xbee (s2) in x-ctu software and to update firmware in xbee
The XB24-ACI-001 is an xbee Series 1 with a chip antenna, which as you've pointed out has been discontinued. The first and last part of the model number, highlighted in red, indicates it is an xbee Series 1 with 802.15.4 firmware, non-DigiMesh. The second part of the model number, highlighted in blue, indicates the antenna type, in (...)
First of all thanks in advance for any help you can give me... I am currently using a xbee PRO S2 module (XBP24-Z7WIT) to sample a analog input and send it to the embedded computer which has a telegesis ETRXUSB3 with ember EZSP firmware. In order to do this I configurated the xbee as a end-device with extended sleep mode so it sleeps (...)
If the xbee is a series 1, the factory default firmware is "802.15.4" which is point-to-multipoint, it can be converted to the "DigiMesh 2.4" firmware for mesh networking. Also keep in mind the series 1 and the series 2 are not compatible and cannot establish communications. You can check out the new EDABoard group: [URL="www.edaboar
I think there are several messages about this specific issue. If you want to use the so-called "transparent mode" or "serial replacement mode" you have to set DH/DL of first module equal to SH/SL of second module, and vice versa. You also have to disable API mode (if you use Digimesh or 802.15.4) or load an AT firmware (for Zigbee). If you are us
Dear all, I use Maxstream's xbee, but I have some problems.. I need to send files (1MB size) from a mobile application, that use a MSP430 microcontroller to a PC. The PC have to localize the application when it is near how fast it can, but the PC doesen't know wen it will happen and whow many applications will come at the same time. How