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I am planning to buy xbee modules for my project,which is based on getting data from MATLAB simulink model and sending through xbee and want to display at user end (other end).I want to know about best module which will be suitable for my project.Also mention if any other software if required to configure the module.Thank you
Hi friends, I have Matlab simulink model which i want to interface with external xbee module through USB for reading data and sending.Can you tell me whether its possible to interface.If yes please tell me procedure or help me with the code. thank you.
Dear Sir, I designed a xbee controlled robot but it is not working.When i am pressing keys from laptop it is sending data but in receiver the xbee module is not receiving but the xbee is tested anf ok. Here i am using ATMEGA16 microcontroller and interfacing through USART protocol and below program. Connection (...)
102560 this is schematic for xbee interfacing - - - Updated - - - u can use serial uart transmission for sending and receiving data also check this link u will get information about xbee module
can we control of zigbee outputs through another zig bee with command Yes it can happen you can make one slave xbee pins change or actually copy the state of master command sending xbee module.
Hello Guys, I have a project about communication between two xbee modules but I have some trouble. I used FT232RL for one xbee module to programme it and I didn't have any problem. I could reach to module. To programme other one, I used db9 and max232 but I couldn't reach to modem. After I pressed Test/Query button I had that message "unable to c
hi all...can anyone help me on how to interface an xbee24 to a MCU in particular pic16f887...The pic uses a 5v supply and have made a direct connection between the pic and the xbee via the USB adapter supplied with the modules. with these connections so far the xbee is sending data to pic but the pic is not responding i (...)
Dear all I am doing a project based on wireless communication. I am using xbee transceivers as shown in the link ( ). I wanted to know if i need to program the transceivers one as transmitter and one as receiver prior to sending data or receiving data. If yes can you pleas
i wrote this code for a remote controller sending unique ascii through xbee module so i need to know if i need any other command in order to complete my code so i could procceed. any help is appriciated. thanx /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////my code: char uart_rd; void UART1_Init(unsigned long baud_rate);
Hope you have done all the connections properly and good with the atmeg's UART communication. For starting with the xbee, better configure it to work in transparent mode (AT). (If you are using Digi's or Maxstremes it can be done with X-CTU s/w) . In transparent mode, whatever data getting in the DIN pin transferred wirelessly and any wireless data
Hi, I have a pair of xbees that work when sending from one terminal to another, but I'm trying to do I/O line passing on a breadboard. I only need 4 i/o pairs but I might as well get all of them to work. I'm doing digital inputs on the remote unit by setting all the DIO values to 3, and digital outputs on the coordinator by setting all the DIO v
Gud to hear that your xbee is working fine now.. :)
xbee address @destination address? well if it is recognized as serial connection (com port), using mscomm/VB6, Serial component will be enough.
See the xbee API Application Note on this Page:
Hi, I've one Arduino board connected with xbee Shield and want to send data of Signal "H" and "L" for every 3 seconds to my PC. I've another xbee on xbee Adapter Kit connected to the PC. My aim is to transfer the data from the remote Arduino to the PC but I can't get it right. Neither the "Terminal" of X-CTU nor the "Serial Monitor" of (...)
Hi i'm hemanth..i'm doing a project on remote controlled milli second timer using 8051 micro controller(P89V51RD2 from philips). i'm using zigbee for communication to send control signals like the start/stop..set..reset.. ethin is fine i ve written code to take values through serial n do opertaion.. if i connect zigbee for communiction between cons
Hello there! I would like the following question In some days from now i will get a device exporting its data to RS232 and can be coonected through a cable to my PC. I can read the data using LabVIEW. Can i connect its RS232 output to an xbee - programmed in Transparent Mode, receive the data using another xbee at the base and process the
Can anyone please tell me any possible reasons why this might happen? I wrote a program in C on my PIC24F to receive data from a GPS module through UART2 (using the rs232 connection of the development board) and whatever is in the U2RXREG is made equal to the U1TXREG to be sent through a xbee module to my computer's hyperterminal program(my compute
We are using an xbee to communicate between two PICS which talk to the xbee using RS232. A signal transmitted from one xbee does not correspond to the signal received by the other xbee. Not only does the bit pattern not match but the duration of the signal is about half on the receiving side as on the (...)
Dear all, I use Maxstream's xbee, but I have some problems.. I need to send files (1MB size) from a mobile application, that use a MSP430 microcontroller to a PC. The PC have to localize the application when it is near how fast it can, but the PC doesen't know wen it will happen and whow many applications will come at the same time. How