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Welcome here, Yuhanghong. :-) The USB cable allows you to access the part using its JTAG pins. So you have to find JTAG connector (pinout) on the xc95108 board. Then you need programming software. Xilinx provides iMPACT, this tool is part of ISE WebPACK wich can be downloaded from Xilinx website. And of course read the manual(s) on how to use pr
Hello Edaboard Users, I wanted to know if anybody has successfully unlocked either of these IC's. I have both IC's and they are locked. I would like to extract the JEDEC code to program to multiple blank ones. Thank You
i am doing downloading to cpld xc95108-20tq100. i get the file .jed which to be downloaded to cpld. i implementded the jtag cable as per the xilinx ........schematics.. then i Erase the program complete successfully, then program get downloaded Programming completed successfully. but then i verify the code it get failed shows an error Ver
hi all my friend i would like to implement following simple one order IIR filter in a xc95108 . H(z) = Y/X = K*(aZ+1)/(bZ+1) where X are 8 bit's as input and Y as output.also,K,a and b are input's with 8 bits width . could anyone tell me which -new-algorithm can i use to success to implement ? any idea! tnx
Read the ReadMe file first!
hi all while xc95108(one of xilinx's CPLD as u know)configuring ,iMPACT detect device but said xc95108-unsuppoerted and then i can not program with my .JED file. i have assigned my .JED file but when i want to program xc95108 the following ERROR is appeare the IDCODE which get from your device is not match to expected IDCODE ... and (...)
I want to design an ISP for xc95108 using 8051 as application note of Xilinx. But I don't know freq of TCK, I tried with 1MHz, but get mismatch TDO error. Please help me. Thanks.
Hello everyone ! I have xc95108 PC84 and it is working very well but the consumption is very high .. how i can set the low power mode of the macrocells ? and what I will lose of it ? I`m using Web Pack 5.1 Thanks ..
We ran 30+ ft cat-5 cable without problem ;-> Did you see "xc95108 unsupported" when you scan the chain?
The practical Xilinx Designer Lab book by "Dave Van den Bout" from prentice hall is a very good starting point for beginners in fpga field. In this book two proto boards from XESS Corporation are described with schematics etc. - XS40 board for Xilinx FPGA XC4005XL and XS95 for Xilinx xc95108 CPLD. The s/w for this boards are free and can be downed
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