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I cannot figure out why VCS is throwing this error. Given below is the error message and then part of the code where error occurs. VCS error message: Error- unknown or bad value for genvar /home/dpaul/rev28462_fpga/src/top_modules/axi_interconnect_v1_06_a/ict106_protocol_conv_bank.v, 228 Elaboration time unknown or bad value encoun
import design from file when using debussy, error happens as follows: Can't open library unisim. unknown identifier: VCOMPONENTS。 So how to deal with this to import all my design in the right way? I use a primitive of xilinx, OSERDES, so UNISIM should be included. Thanks!!
Hello. I am having problems during a simulation of my software. An attached screen shot of what I am seeing during simulation is shown. What do the red checkered lines mean? What type of error is this? When i do a syntax check everything compiles fine. Any insight would be great.
hi, is there any problem with this JTAG chain --> PROM --> Virtex2pro --> EPC --> stratix -- <------------------------------------------------------! do the Altera software or xilinx software will be able to detects the FPGA? do the programer (byteblaster or xilinx ???) wiil be able to program the EPC/PROM? do the internal Logic analyze
AGT is good. It answers the big unknown: xilinx does put speed/temp on ES parts. I photographed a board containing this undesireable chip: XC2V6000 FF1152AFT0137 F1186599A 4C-ES I'm not interested in buying. I just want to help other buyers. ;)