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Not with jtag. xilinx has app-notes on how to program their FPGA's via the "normal" programming interface. See :
It might also be possible with Vivado, now that I think about it. It is very much possible with xilinx Vivado. One of my colleagues have done it.
This type of error usually means things like: No cable attached (xilinx programming pod, or Digilent solution on the board) Driver not installed or is the wrong version for the cable/embedded jtag programming interface.
While I am not sure about xilinx, I know that for Altera they have something called "SignalTap II". Basically, we specify signals in specific parts of the design that we want to probe. When the design is synthesized these points are routed to registers (or memory blocks) within the device. These registers are only used for debug purpose and, by usi
Hi All, I am using jtag (olimex jtag tiny) [link: for on-chip debugging. This comes with a 20 pin output. My board has a 14 pin interface with '2mm pitch'. It is a xilinx Virtex 5 base board. I searched on google, but I am not getting the right adap
Hello, I am in urgent need for a xilinx jtag USB download cable for Virtex 5 FPGA. If anyone in Cairo, Egypt has one I can rent it for only one week. Or if anyone knows a supplier in Egypt?? Thanks, Salma
i am beginner to fpga. what is difference in programming in altera fpga coding & xilinx fpga coding? USB Blaster can program only altera or xilinx also?
Hi all, In the past I used ISE 9.1 and a Diligent jtag-USB jtag cable to programing a x9500 CPLD. I upgraded to ISE 14.X, Windows 7 and the latest ADAPT software after which I'm unable to program the CPLD. The cable is listed under USB device, Impact does not recognize that a cable is attached ADAPT does. Using IMPACT, the program fil
Hello all, We are looking for CISC(x86) and RISC uP cores to be used in university research projects. We can also pay licensing fees upto a certain amount (which is of course not a significant amount). We should be able to implement this core in an FPGA(pref. xilinx) with the availability of popular i/f (USB/jtag/etc) and then use some popular
Hi, I'm new with xilinx FPGA before this project I designed Altera FPGA's like cyclone II and III without any problem. but now my Spartan 6 design doesn't work. I attached my schematic. when I scan jtag it said no hardware connected. I have these the connection of jtag right? I draw it like "Spartan-6 FPGA Configuration Guide" 2
I got an old xilinx fpga board which contains an fpga and one cpld and a rom. When i try to download the bit file on the fpga, I first run Impact software, it does not correctly find the chips. It may find just one, or two. Sometimes it finds 10 or more "non xilinx chips". At first use for this board it did not show this bad behavior (very few time
xilinx programmer: This one is a lot cheaper If I remember correctly, it offers less cable options but works fine besides that...
Quite nice project after first step is to do VGA card on CPLD/FPGA. This would be great alternative to 2x16 displays, great learning. Personally I started with xilinx xc9572xl. This one is cheap, jtag(loader) is easy to do.
Hi All, I'm looking for any tool, document, application note,.. you name it, for logging the jtag signals generated by xilinx Impact. Actually I want it for compare it against the signals generated by XAPP058 which is a software implementation of jtag master protocol. it reads in the .xsvf file format and interpret it to generate desired (...)
Guys, Can I use USB blaster for xilinx Spartan ? Thanks
You do not need to add a schematic at all. You add the RTL files as source, then add your UCF file as a constraint (the UCF file defines the clock speed and associates the I/O defined in your top level verilog file with the appropriate pins of your FPGA). To start with, run synthesis and see if your code will synthesize. Fix your errors if it do
Hi, except the price (difference of 140 euros !), is there a real difference between the Digilent XUP USB-jtag Programming Cable and the xilinx Platform Cable USB HW-USB-II (USB to jtag) to use with a spartan-6 development board ? Thanks, Willy.
I have a xilinx protoboard with a XC3S200 & XCF01P , which i'm trying to program via Raspberry PI. It loads a Demo program that, makes some leds blink in either direction, and react to 2 buttons Schematic can be seen here: Im trying to get my Rpi to read the IDCODE for starters, and this is where i'm
I could be wrong in my current sleep-is-for-tomorrow state, but ... as far as I know all you need is jtag for chipscope goodness. Didn't it go a little like this: jtag => bscan => icon => the rest of chipscope stuff? As in, as long as you can do a boundary scan with your jtag you are golden. A xilinx platform cable like (...)
I don't think that will work. While it is jtag, it won't work with any of the xilinx programming tools and may have the wrong logic levels and so on. You will need something called a 'xilinx Platform Cable USB'. They're expensive, but cheap clones are available on eBay. If you're designing a PCB for your CPLD, it's a good idea to fit a (...)