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Hi, except the price (difference of 140 euros !), is there a real difference between the digilent XUP usb-jtag Programming Cable and the xilinx Platform Cable usb HW-usb-II (usb to jtag) to use with a spartan-6 development board ? (...)
Hello, I'm trying to program my Atlys 6 (Spartan 6 -based, with the Adpet usb port busted) with "Atlys4.bin" or with the .bin present in the demo Atlys_Demo_BIST_Clean. These files are available from the digilent website's at Atlys board section It is stated that the A
Hi everyone. Today I finally got my CPLD dice PCB soldered together, but unfortunately I can't get the CPLD working. Currently I'm using the digilent usb Full Speed jtag adapter with ADEPT. ADEPT recognizes the CPLD fine, and I can program it with a SVF file I've created in iMPACT. But after it has been (...)
I am just starting to learn how to load to an fpga. I am using a spartan 3 kit with digilent jtag-parallel cable. Problem is, my latop doesn't have a parallel port. So I got a usb to parallel cable but xilinx still fails to detect the jtag cable .HELP!! :s
Your question is somewhat unclear. Do you have the xilinx/digilent Spartan 3E Starter Kit? You said "transmit and receive data", so are you trying to communicate through the board's usb port with a BSCAN macro and scan chain that you've put into the FPGA? If that's correct, then you want jtag, not (...)

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