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Hi , Im using spartan 3e and want to use ethernet to tx and rx data from fpga. I hv used microblaze processor but not getting help regarding ethernet to use with it. shud i use standalone OS or xilkernel or uclinux...and what steps shud i follow?? I have also studied lwIP, but not getting the proper steps to use ethernet. Help me plz... re
HELLo i am having trouble in EDK to run main_thread() after xilkernel_main() #include #include "xmk.h" int main() { xilkernel_main(); return 0; } int main_thread() { xil_printf("in thread !\r\n"); return 0; } i hv also declared static pthread in OS config setting..added xps timer,compiled n downlo
To use lwIP in a software application, you must first compile the library as part of your application software platform. To set up the lwIP library in XPS: 1. Open the Software Platform Settings dialog box. 2. Enable lwIP in the Library/OS Settings tab. (For Socket API, xilkernel must be the OS, configured with semaphores, mutexes, and yield fu
hi, have any one a tutoriel in how to implement a xilkernel in board xupv2p.
You can find a good tutorial on this website:
anyone has a pointer to course material about xilkernel (XMK) for xilinx FPGA's? thanks
Hi, I don't think this kind of declaration makes any problem. Take a look at original config_init.h in EDK\sw\lib\bsp\\xilkernel... It should be about separate executable processes that need to be created during system init. (here they named as socket_thread, dummy_thread) You should check those executable processes. Regard
Hi everybody ! I"m a newbie, I'm using the xilinx EDK 8.2 (Window XP) The OS and libraries (OS & Library settings) in the "Software platform settings" toolbox are Standalone and xilkernel. how can I add uClinux into the "Software platform settings" toolbox ??? (need for generating the Libraries and BSPs for microblaze uClinux) Thank for helping
I want to work with PowerPC (Xilinx Board).I need some examples and refrences about xilkernel OS.