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1-Logon by SSH or telnet to the linux server. 2-Define your display : setenv DISPLAY x.x.x.x:0 (x.x.x.x is the ip of the win machine) 3- Send a terminal like "xterm &" or "konsole" 4- If the terminal did not succeed allow connections to the xserver "xhost +" 5- Run applications. Bastos
never tried it before. but you'll need to read up an using the basics. read up on xserver, how it is initialised and how it communicates with the standard input and output and other hardware. then look for a GUI that will suit your CF needs. I would recommend looking into WMaker or Xfce or other small interface, not KDE or gnome.
So I want to connect over a network and run an app. The display must be shown on the client computer. I know xserver is responsible and it can be done with ssh. But I want info on the programming behind the daemon that is responsible for forwarding the display to the client. In short I want to code a similar system. Not using SSH. Any help?
Hi, I'm having a problem on installing ATI RADEON drivers for linux, in Mandrake 10.1. There is a message, in the command line "no xserver found" and the installation can't be completed. In detail, my graphic's card is ATI RADEON X700. Also, it was not possible to upgrade linux kernel 2.4, or just compile it, and even if i manage to upgrade to 2.6
You should have xserver and Nutc running on your machine for running mentor product in win2000. you can stop running the xserver and nutc serivce from startup. just .remove these from starup(control panel---/services). Whenver you want to use en2002 enable these all manually. rishab
I assune that you want an xserver running under WINDOWS right?? Well there is the cygwin version of XFREE .. works well .Otherwise PME i'll get some other .
here is some advises. maybe useful to you :P can try config your xserver with a normal SVGA card. maybe it will work. 2. if you want to install the EDA software. you had better have the swap space upon > 2*GB, many EDA eda software need it urgently . especially the synthesis and P&R. 3. i think the EDA software are userland programe a