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I concur with Bigdogguru. Depending on where it is fitted, and whether you can live with it being slightly directional (more than it already is), you might be able to use it as the active element in a short yagi antenna. In other words, fit a reflector behind it and one or more director elements in front of it. Something along the lines of a TV ant
Hello Member, I designed a yagi antenna @300 ghz in CST MWS and imported the 3D model into HFSS for verification. I am not getting the correct results due to improper mesh settings. I was wondering if its also possible to import CST Mesh settings of the yagi design into HFSS. Or if someone can assist me correctly applying (...)
Hi, I have a wire dipole antenna which i modeled as a driven element for a yagi at 2.45 ghz. When i was modelling in hfss i used a lumped a port between two wires. But when i built it on an SMA it seems like there is an extra resonance introduced to the dipole right after the main resonance. Does anybody has an idea about the source of (...)
hey guys! so, i need to simulate a 5,0ghz yagi antenna in hfss (with free dimensions etc), but i don't have any idea of how to do this. I downloaded a few books about antenna, but they don't explain nothing about hfss. Is there any place where i can find a good tutorial about this? (obs: i already checked old topics about (...)
cuz up to ~3 ghz its very easy to use yagi antennas and coax from ~ 10 ghz and up it would be more common to use waveguide and horn antennas or something similar and that is quite a bit more specialised Dave
hay i want to design an antenna of endfire direction or 60deg eleavtion beam at 4-5ghz kindly help me urgent In principle you can take any antenna and scale it by wavelength ratio. Endfire antennas are in principle resonant dipoles (sometimes yagis) with resonant box-like reflectors. At 4-5 (...)
do a google search on 2 - 11ghz log-periodic yagi or a vivaldi antenna design tho not the styles you were specifically looking for, as you may find it difficult to do hi gain WB antennas in those styles there's some good info out there :) cheers Dave
Building a yagi for 3G i.e. 2 ghz is a very very difficult task, you have to be extremely careful, and still have problems with tuning. Radio Hams have been successful in designing yagis for 1296 MHz but even here it is difficult. Things like thickness of elements and how the boom affects the over-all of the antenna makes it (...)
hello I want to design ultrawide microstrip endfire antenna ranging 6ghz-18ghz. but the qusi-yagi antenna and vivaldi antenna can not satisfy the requirment. please, who can give me a best solution. thank very much
hi Firkin pls read this paper it may be help u a little but i dont have confidence that u can use for U structure because hiss and CST have problem with small antenna design A 60-ghz Millimeter-Wave CPW-Fed yagi antenna Fabricated by Using 0.18-μm CMOS Technology by Shun-Sheng Hsu, Student Member, IEEE, Kuo-Chih (...)
hello i am doing my undergraduate thesis i had made my yagi design for WLAN application but i made some mistake.. the radiation pattern is wrong i got no gain, and directive tab,,, can anyone fix my problem?? i have attached my file... someone help me pls
a small hand held yagi-uda is very popular, usually 5 elements or so depending on your frequency
hi frends... im a electronic student...i need help... any1 can guide me in designing yagi UDA antenne for flat area with 3ghz frequency.... wat software should i use??... please guide me guys..
They are two. The first one is a spiral and the second one is a dipole which afterwards ends to a yagi. so finally i have three. I need general ideas of applications it is not necessary to be specific for each one but if you can specify them it is good for me. Thanks hkprakash7
If you want to design a yagi antenna you will work under 1 ghz frequenzy and you want a very directional antenna. I will use HFSS to simulate this type of antenna. By
hwo give an easy soft for antenna Plotting radiation patterns for / yagi - horn - dipole easy i have frequency 9 ghz
You're talking of a very small bandwidth, you can use any small bandwidth antenna. The main problem is you need directivity, you can use a printed yagi-Uda or just go for a microstrip phased array to get the directivity you need.
I found for you this program for calculation of yagi physical dimensions and more pl
Hi, I want to made a yagi antenna for 1.9 ghz CDMA/PCS can any one help me please? in detail Thanks Sadat
hi i have request,in that file of quasi yagi anenna at fidelity,i modify in the dimension but the result not same as HFSS,can u modify in it ,i want to ge s11<-10 db in (8-12 ghz),i ry to use enclosed port but he not accept it pls help