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you may use ATtiny15 or attiny13 TINY series is from AVR family, not 8051/52.
use pic18f4550 with hidmaker. usb in minutes.... yousafzai, what's hidmaker?
has anybody implemented Ampere meter using hall effect sensors? yes i did it with ugn 3505 regrads Fragrance
Get hold of any serial to usb converter and choose a printer with USB connectivity. Using serial commands through the 8051 , try to control the printer. i am inter facing it with a dotmatrix printer not usb (parallel port)..
Will u kindly tell as to which compiler is this? Code composer essential is my compiler
You can use XR2206 function generator for sine wave generation. That is true, but unfortunately the XR2206 cannot deliver 250 watts, nor will it tolerate 230VAC input for very long. Some important specifications were omitted by prasanth9255: What is the output voltage of the inverter, and at what output frequency? If t
I think yousafzai wasn't able to correctly post the message. Here's it.... 1 Second Time Base From Crystal Oscillator The schematic below illustrates dividing a crystal oscillator signal by the crystal frequency to obtain an accurate (0.01%) 1 second time base. Two cascaded 12 stage counters (CD4040) form a 24 stage binary counter and the ap
For more explanation about Bray Terminal and for latest version of the terminal software, check the following website Thank you yousafzai :D Tiru