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Hi, Thanks for your replies and support. I have done my task.Now it is working. Thanks. Regards, Viswanath. good if you share with us that what was wrong in your ciruit????
No, I have not connected the uC SPI pins,they are blank. and I have not connected uC SPI with AD chip SPI pins instead i have connected AD chip SPI pins with general purpose IO pins(say Port 7). Already PCB are ready(This SPI task i have decided in the last,so in a hurry i have designed my circuit). Hope u understand my
Hi yviswanathbe, Technically both are same. TRISTATE is the registered trademark of National Semiconductor for the high impedance state.
2) this is regarding AVR ATMEGA8 While doing multiplication,division,modulas operation what are the datatypes and format specifiers i should assign to the my resultant strings. i have used longint,unsigned long int,but couldn't success in the manipulation. If you can show us what you are doing, what is ex
Hi, Can any one send me circuits and programmiing samples for intefacing of 1)Atmel 89c2051 with Max 233 2)Atmel 89c2051 with ADC 0804 Thanks in advance. if you simply want the connections between 89c2051 and MAX232/33 the follow this links :: -->>
hello yviswanathbe here is my example about format function! you can see more on MSDN