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i have been working sometime with servo control (position and speed) of brushed dc motor in the KW range . Traditionally i am using locked antiphase (50% duty =zero speed) as i read it is better for controlling the motor . i am sensing motor current in both directions to operate in 4 quadrant . Now i want to implement the current limiting cycle
Your D10-11 diode pairs are oriented incorrectly. Questions: All of your mosfets appear to be N-mos. Do the high side mosfets get a high enough gate voltage, in order to turn them on fully, regardless whether they have a definite path from their source terminal to zero grournd? Does your commutator produce sparks? If so then you have an idea wha
hey everyone , MT8870 o/p does not go to zero when there is no dtmf input, mean when i input a dtmf tone i can see o/p on Q1 Q2 Q3 and Q4 pins , but as i remove the dtmf i/p the previous o/p do not disappear. plz do me favor. and sorry in advance for my bad english
Two options: - Ignore the upper 8 bits of PC, which will make the same ROM appear at every 256 bytes. - Decode the upper 8 bits of PC and only enable your ROM when the correct value (e.g. zero) is matched. If you have any other memories or memory mapped devices connected to the address bus, I presume you'll already have a MUX that could be used fo
The scope trace alternates between 96.7 and 100.2 V. I believe you expected it to alternate between 0V and 100V. I think it will resemble that if you were to add a load, with the other end connected to zero ground. Since a voltage will appear across it, this may change the gate-to-source differential... which may change the internal resistance o
Are you sure it is not a problem with the model and the use of global node zero which doesn't appear on the pinout? Keith Yes, I think we should not blame the simulator but instead the MODEL which is used to simulate opamp circuits.#As you probably know - it is a so called "macro model" that uses controlled sourc
Asim63, the circuit as shown with your first posting makes no sense in case the input signals are derived from (ideal) voltage sources (internal resistance zero). In this case, these voltages appear also at the top of both resistors - independent on the existence of the diode in parallel with the capacitor (which are, therefore, useless). You need
make sure that the signal in initialized to zero..otherwise they will appear as "U" in simulation.. if it still doesnt work, pls post your code hear.
In zero-IF receivers after mixing the LO with the incoming signal the carrier would appear as a DC offset. If the LOs are slightly offset, due to crystal tolerances, there appears to be a large signal near zero, at a couple of kHz. Is this signal just filtered out with a high-pass filter? Is this phenomena still considered (...)
It depends upon the situation, what happened to 7805 after or during FRYING process. If the Input and Output terminals are short circuited the output voltage will be equal to input voltage and if the input and output terminals are disconnected a zero volt will appear on the output terminal.
Hello. I have a home exam, and I have some trouble with plotting the zeros and poles of a filter. H(z) = 1/K ((1+z^1+z^2+...+z^(K-1)) / z^(K-1)) I have found that the pole is at z=0. I have also worked out that there will be zeros at z^K = 1 Where z = e^(j*2*pi*k/K) Where will these zeros appear on the (...)
I am using quasi-static simulator to analyze a whole package. I got some porblems about that . Why only RLC can appear , G is always equal to zero. No matter what I increase frequency , LC almost not change, only R is increasing. why ? tks
the KCL and KVL equation will be expressed by matrix. matrix singular means it has zero character. "number / 0 " is singular.
1) RHzero is appear when miller compensation technique is used. For example, we have 2 stage amp with 2th inverting CS stage with miller capacitor, capacitor provide direct path for high frequencies which have opposite phase relative to SC output. That affect on phase margin and can be a badnwidth limiting factor especially for MOS circuit with low
A lead lag controller has a single pole and a single zero. (Of course, since poles/zeros are either real or appear in complex conjugate pairs having one of each implies the pole and zero are both real). A PI controller is a special case of the lead lag controller that has a single pole at s=0 and a real (...)
Hi all, ERROR -- Subcircuit LM2902/ON used by X_U7A is undefined this error always appear when I want to use new part downloaded from website. Is it because im using trial version or something else? Can anybody please help me on this? I'm zero in orcad . Added after 5 minutes: Hurmmm ok I can sol
It sounds like you have a pin in the schematic that doesn't appear on the PCB footprint. Check your component, and make sure that the names and quantity of pins match from the schematic to the PCB footprint. A common mistake is to use an oh "O" when you meant zero "0", or an eye "I" when you meant one "1", etc. The pin names have to match exac