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I2C with its addressing scheme scales better. Two lines gets up to 128 devices (though also bus C limited). I was under the impression that the number is 255 (256 with zero excluded).
Hi Why is it that PFC controller datasheets don?t tell you that they all have a facility to damp the LC filter ringing near the mains zero crossing? The PFC controllers all do this because PFC controllers don?t draw much current near the zero cross, and so when the mains suddenly forward biases the bridge diodes just after the zero cross, (...)
Hi Guys I want to know about the operating of IGBT. Does it is same as i mentioned in diagram or this will not be the scenario IGBT # is 10-FY12NMA160SH01-M820F18 156779156780 if not then what would be the flow? Thanks and best regards
data sheet page 3: Sensor Input Measurement range (typical) +/- 3.6g Sensitivity (typical) 300 mV/g zero g Bias Level (typical) 1.5 V These tell me that an output of 1.5 V means no acceleration and that the acceleration is measured at 0.3 V/g, so 1.8 V is 1 g in + direction, probably up from the chip's point of view, and 1.2 V is
156744 Hi, For a typical double balanced Gilbert cell, how to match the RF input to 100 ohm? The zero frequency input impedance should be infinity. Even when frequency increases, the input impedance doesn't change significantly at sub-6GHz range. I understand that inductive degeneration can help with
... and what is the point in multiplying the result by 4? It is still a 10-bit value with zeroes at the end. It may be stored with extra bits but the precision isn't increased to 12-bits. Brian.
Not PWM, what you need is an op-amp as a gain stage, a rectifier (either diode or better still an op-amp based precision rectifier) to give you a DC level proportional to the sound level. Then you need a monostable where the delay is set by that voltage. The monostable output feeds the LED. I think it should be possible to do it with a single qua
how to generate proper layout from this schematic ? i need to make layout so i can export the gerber file. This has been asked by other students working on the same topic many times before: It is not possible because you have zero layout information in your design. If you want to do the layout in ADS,
Your idea it will work somehow, and the explanation is this: A 10dB attenuator will have the input return loss (S11) better than -20dB whatever the output terminated impedance is (anywhere between infinite ohms and zero ohms). For example, a single series variable resistor placed between two 10dB attenuators (50Ω in/out) will give you the ove
Hello There, Hope this post find you well. May be or may not you would love it, because this issue has reached huge number of problems. Someone could say "school project for infants". I was trying to build a SOLID STATE RELAY with zero crossing switching. Similar to this product,
That pad probably has some baked-in design constraints as it's meant to be a power pad - might include clamps, decoupling and the output is supposed to be the same as the input only when applied a positive and fairly "stiff" voltage source. For analog signals that throw current, you want a pad that's "straight through" (no series resistor) with
In fact there is no "CMOS transistor" - there are NMOS and PMOS. As a rule "RF guys" appear to prefer the zero-VT device for gm and IDsat, relative to capacitances. You can find canned NMOSFETs for lower frequency applications. Anything over maybe 1GHz probably wants integrated transistors. Kind of wasteful for a 1-transistor LNA (study p
hellow guys iam writing a simple bootloader on a stm32f103ve microcontroller from address 0x8008000 and a userapp code from address 0x8008000 my bootloader code include uart1 configuratin for show some massages and spi2 configuration for communication to a spiflash and my userapp code include timer6 , timer 7 configuration for two led blink wit
Hello guys, i am currently working on my final project, and its about eddy current brake. But when i want to simulate the design, and of course i use set eddy effect, on the excitations, but when i use that message error appear, can someone help me with this? Thank you. 156637
Hi, the following statement is taken from the telemetry standard IRIG Standard 106-11: The RF signal is typically generated by filtering the baseband non-return-to-zero-level (NRZ-L) signal and then frequency modulating a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO). The optimum peak deviation is 0.35 times the bit rate and a good choice for a p
Hello, could you give me the interferences that are generating my class E amplification circuit, it works at 3 MHz and I use it to excite a piezoelectric crystal. When I made the measurements of conducted interference of CISPR 11, the frequency of 3 MHz and harmonics that exceed the range required by the standard appear.
I went to my familys house and they had an issue with their speakers. It turns out the audio cable broke, though I looked at the TV and this is a 2009 TV, and I'm guessing Made in China VGA or 2.5mm wires.
Good day all Please I need clarity on this: How does the current naturally go to zero for AC-AC and AC-DC conversion? Thank you
I think you are mixing several topics. - An induction heater may use a parallel capacitor to compensate the low coil inductance (air coil or coil with large air gap) - To convert the output switcher square wave to sine, you need a series inductor, implemented either as separate inductor or a by the transformer leakage inductance, and a series
In this and other forums, the question arises whether the same low power transformer used in the power supply, can be used to obtain an isolated sample for a zero crossing detector. I remember many years ago that there was a small error, but could not remember the magnitude. Thus on a lazy Sunday with nothing better to do, I rigged a small se