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zero can be realized in many ways. Any RC R/L or 1/LC time constant could be either pole or zero depending on it location in transfer function (nominator or denominator). Any active element (eg transconductor) could realize a pole or zero. In this example, zero is realized by blocking a gain roll-off made (...)
The attached simulink file is a very simple model of a signal source with a scope and spectrum analyser attached. The signal source produces a constant value of 1 over the entire simulation time. The spectrum analyser has been setup with a HANN window. From the spectrum analyser you can see the value at zero hertz is (...)
Presume that printf("%f", ) rounds the float value towards zero instead towards the nearest decimal value. To correct the rounding behaviour, you'll need to add a sign dependant offset. There's an option in ANSI C to select the rounding behviour with a float.h defined constant, but it isn't implemented in many embedded C (...)
In a RC circuit, if the voltage source is a sinusoidal source, I found the given equation. C is constant. I tried to solve this problem in time domain. So, I use a source in an EDA tool. I found the current in time. I know the voltage. I use simple numerical derivaton df(x)=/(x2-x1). In this case, derivation is almost zero at the peak
You will never, ever have zero phase shift*. You may set a maximum, and then work to meet that goal. But a goal that is physically unrealizable (like zero delay, zero power, zero distortion, infinite bandwidth, infinite gain, infinite supply rejection, zero noise figure and on and on) only delays you getting (...)
static, volatile and constant are type of variable storage types. if you use static storage type then value of this class variable is initially zero and doesn't get re-initilize. and value remains as it is for out of functions also. volatile is also initially zero. and normally compiler use most (...)
THIS LINE IS NOT WORKING should be rephrased into not doing what you expect it to do? But I guess it's behaving according to the VHDL specification as follows: - in the first clock cycle assigning the constant to mem(0) and the previous value of mem(0) (usually all zero) to mem(1) - in all succeeding cycles assigning the (...)
Hi vivo_m, This may helps you... there is no other direct function for the same.... if you are using the real number which is less than zero will round as 0 only. there are other method which will consider the decimal part,
Hi I got struck in one of the simulink model design. prob is like this.... I get some series of constant values from a signal, it will be compared with some constant. if true, a counter is decremented and that counter value is compared with 2nd threshold value. if threshold is reached i.e -1
we want to find E(gi,g*k) where g is a complex gaussian distributed R.V. with zero mean??
As we know, we can get a formula for dominant pole using zero-value time constant method.But, It is very hard to get a formula for the first non-dominant pole.The first non-dominant pole is very important for feedback amplifier stability andfrequency performance. What I mean is that if we get a formula for the first non-dominant p
Hi, warning indicates that value is always "zero"... i.e the signal is having the constant value and it is not used for any checking condition or assignment. So for optimization these signals will be removed even if u assigned the signal in reset...
Hey all, From what I see there is nothing wrong with this code. It is for a hd44780 lcd, and this should initialize for 4 bit mode and then turn on the display/cursor. I get a bunch of warning for parameters without init value having a constant value of zero or something. Aren't initial values for register (...)
Hi It is because you can not have any AC signal on something which has a constant value. So an ideal DC-supply of 12V cannot be higher or smaller than 12V i.e. the voltage over it can not change. The small-signal voltage across will then be zero, this is why it is considered as a ground node i small signal analysis. Hope it helps
Hi, Being an inductor, it opposes the initial current flow and the final current will be 24V26.8Ω. The current rises from zero to this final value with a time constant of R/L secs. So there will not be an in rush current for an inductance. Regards, Laktronics
From looking at your code it does not look like you are shifting left properly. Your codes places a zero on the right hand side. This implies that you will always have a 0 on the right hand side when you cannot. Hand work your code on paper to make sure things are as they should be and remember, just because it works on paper does not mean that
The steady state value for current in a DC Circuit composed of a capacitor series with resistor " bulb " is zero, but, during the transiet period, the current has an exponential decay from a peak value " =E/R " and decays to reach zero in some multiples of a certain time constant " τ = RC " so , when (...)
hai for 64 ifft size 48 subcarriers + 4 pilot signal + 12 zero carrier is this constant value? if then for 1024 ifft size how many pilot signals and zero carriers needed another issue is one frame contains how many symbols ?? how to fix FRAME SIZE? HELP ME PLEASE........... I AM confused with concepts (...)
ModelSim 6.5g ??? I see the same problem in ModelSim SE 6.2a. I also see a suspicious warning message: "Non-positive replication multiplier '0'" The Verilog 2001 standard says this, so I think ModelSim is broken: A replication operation may have a replication constant with a value of zero. This is useful in parameterized code.
zero current is a stable one. i fabricated just current reference without startup. it usually did not start. even increasing Vdd from 0 to the actual value, does not excite it as often as required. so leakage current cannot be "trusted". srivats