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Sounds like a fault in the green channel feeding the CRT. Lack of green will look like there is an excess of red and blue so it takes on a pink or violet hue. It would tie in with green flashes too. The zig-zag lines are caused by the spot retrace not being blanked. The picture is scanned from top to bottom and normally the CRT is blanked as the
It's apparently a two-phase induction motor with 8 pole-pairs. I assume that the two winding strands are running zig-zag around the stator? It will hardly run at 1200 rpm, rather about 350 with 50 Hz supply. I agree that it isn't easy to rework at home, but not particularly more complicated than a standard induction motor with stator windin
Without knowing frequency, power and bandwidth, you may use meandering (curved zig zag shape) to create the same length. Other option is to use a CLC PI network that provides the desired additional phase shift and match at the design frequency (I used this in HF couplers to reduce size).
Hey thanks for replying! I was reading some online literature and found out that your explanation seems to be the case ( ). Step responses of my circuit showed very small (close to none) ringing for all loads. Also, inputting sinusoids showed that the power supply doesn't have much good ripple re
I wanted to detect zig zag motion. Is it possible using accelerometer? Or is it recommended to use any other sensor?? I want to use arduino uc.
hi, I have Onida profile 21 inch T.V. Its service menu code have changed and is creating problem.And also picture adjustment is up and down & zig zag Please send me the default service menu codes for it on my email Its remote model is RP2 thanks
Hi, there is a new technology for touch screens where >= 2 micron copper wires are placed on plastic (PET). They grow the lines on some substrate (contaning paladium). So if you make a serpentine (a single wire running zig zag) and you place the wires 0.5mm away from each other you could have a sheet of PET any size which will 100% detect perforati
Need design methods for designing zig zag transformer and PWM controller using PSIM software.
you guys miss the whole point, no need to discharge the esd to ground in portable devices, however you can still provide massive esd dissipation plane, other genral method is to provide zig zag pcb traces to the edge of pcb to negative ground potential, refer esd protection devices as well, other simple job is to provide clearance to contactable su
In the new version of Altium DXP Design Environment you have a function where you can define the total lenght of a trace and then zig-zag this trace with the mouse to get the desirable patern. The program keeps you up about the total size of the meandered line so that you can change its pattern here and there to keep the pre-defined total length.
i build a line following robot for local competition and nearly finished. But i think it runs too "zig-zag" even in a straight line and even more in a curve. Someone told me to use PID algorithm in my Robot but i don't know how to. Would some one tell me how. Here is my robot's spec: -7 IR sensor -ATMEGA 8535 -Dual full bridge dc motor driver u
Normally zig zag patterns are used to length match the trace with respect with the other signals in a set e.g. data, addres bus.
Hai Every one. I am working in the rf project, Rf frequency - 433mhz, When i connect one transmitter and receivier the transmission is going on properly, But when i connect more than one transmitter no data is receivied by the recivier, What i want to do if i want to receive more transmitter data by a receiver ?
The attached figure was extracted from the following paper: A Modified Harmonics Reduction Technique for a Three-Phase Controlled Converter Ali M. Eltamaly IEEE Transaction on Industrial Electronics, Vol. 55, No.2, February 2008 Kindly advise how to simulate a zig-zag transformer in PSIM software. Also advise how to rotate the
Anyone has good web links or ebooks or any articles for zig zag transformer? Help me to design it....Start with basic..Thanks... Besides, anyone got about voltage sag too? Thanks
I have not seen the picture of zig zag but u can do like this. IN cst menu Use Curves->new cureve Cureves->line U can draw differnt line and connect according to your requirement
Hi , its like this , assume u r data after zig-zag scan is -13, -3,6,0,0,2,0,0,0,-1,0,0,0,0,0--- to use RLE it is -13 is DC (4) -13= 100 0010 Acs: (0,2)-3 =0 number of zeros before non-zero coffecitens -2 length to represent -3 ; (0,3)6 (2,2) 2 (3,1) -1 (0,0)------EOB
This is the European symbol for a variable tapped resistor. This changes the gain of the operational amplifier circuit. Another symbol would be a zig zag line for the resistive portion and an arrow touching the zig zag for the variable tap.
Im wanting to build a long wire for 80-10 meters . What length does the wire have to be and does this measurment start at the tuner? I have plenty of non insutated wire , will it hurt to let the bare wire lay on tree limbs ? As long as I can zig zag the wire , length is not a proble. Email me at the address below....Thanks.... lndparks@g
AT 1GHz you will have the following parameters: 1-wavelenght in air=30cm 2-Quarter wavelenght=7.5cm 3-Quarter wavelenght of a microstrip in a silicon or indiun phosphide substrate=2.1cm If you make a zig-zag you can probably reduce the lenght by a factor of maybe 5. Then the quarter wavelenght would be=4mm. I think it is still too long, y
A question, when using printf, did you remember to include the new-line character (\n) in the end of each line, if you didn't that could explain the zig-zag output you mentioned. puts() should just take one zero terminated string as parameter, and use putch() to output each char. puts() replace the string termination \0 with a \n. /Froggy