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hi, my project is "biomedical sensor network for cardiovascular fitness and activity monitoring. in that i have to send temperature value measured by lm35 through zigbee to receiver side zigbee. please give me some idea. it will really help me a lot.
Hi, if any body has done or doing any thing about multihoping, Wireless sensor networks (single frequency network), using OPNET. I am working on macrodiversity in multihoping . I need help, which model in opnet i have to use? MANET or zigbee . And a wave propagation model or signal quality model is implemented today in (...)
Can u help me with what are the routing protocols used by 802_15_4 for zigbee sensor network for simulation in ns2?? Also i had few doubts regarding the energy losses in can we know where exactly the energy is being lost when the node transmits packets ...what all are parameters involved in energy loss.,..and how to (...)
To extend the range of typical Wifi, zigbee or Bluetooth , directional antennas can help. For your case, I saw companies offering modified cell phones with SIM cards for their use as sensor network nodes. Google "sensor networks" , this field has recently developed quite rapidly.
Of course it is your decision, but I think that zigbee is much more suitable for this application. zigbee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia zigbee Alliance > Home
The zigbee Alliance is a good resource: zigbee Alliance Testing & Development Solutions I've used Digi, Microchip, Atmel and Telegesis devices for various commercial projects. Out of the aforementioned group, only Microchip hasn't been mention. [URL="www.microchip.
Kindly go thru the link ,It may be useful zigbee module interface with ARM 7 why don't u have a low cost microcontroller to interface with zigbee and sensor.
i want help from where should i start?? kindly help Also you could include zigbee within your research. zigbee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia zigbee Alliance > Home
i had used lm35 for temp, humidity sensor for land humidity sendor and LDR for light.. and used a robot that moved on a line ( liike line following robot) and would transmit the parameters after stopping for a while and transmitting the data... the data is received on the othe end using a zigbee... and a LED is turned on or a fan is started, or som
I'm searcing simulator for zigbee too! does anybody know how to do?
Hi, I want to realize a wireless sensor network at 868MHz: this network should be used in open ambient, so long range (and low power) is important for me. What do you think is the better solution? About protocol: i thougth zigbee, but i haven't found interesting solution at this range (I may be mistaken)...A standard (...)
Hi, I have one doubt r u going to implement this project with the hardware or u r only going to simulate it in a network simulators. If u r doing in hardware means zigbee protocol standard will be the best. Also you can simulate this zigbee protocol in NS2 Simulator also. Please find the attached PPT for Wireless sensor (...)
Hi folks I'm currently designing a low-power Digital Baseband for zigbee wireless sensor network. I need to compare power consumed in my design with other market-available numbers for zigbee designs or ANY wireless baseband design. If also I can get numbers from Academia (papers/thesis/etc), that would be great. Any (...)
Hi friends im doing a project of sensor network using XB24 zigbee module, in my project im using three XB module and connected sensors in all module, i need to read the sensor data in all modules.., and im in confusion with the configuration of this modules. How should i configure this module for my (...)
hi to all this my final year project i need to omplement 6 node of wireless sensor network each node involve the folowing: pic18F452 xbee module inteligent power POWER supply sensor LM35 and i need to build an GUI in my pc to recive the value of temperature in any time and make it in garph with real time working perhaps i (...)
Hya Guys, For any info about zigbee , reffer to the famous member Omara007 , he is the best guy in zigbee and he did his Master Degree in it
MSP430 of TI. It is used widely in most of the zigbee boards. BR, Amr.
Hi, I think, u should develop some application on zigbee protocol. This protocol works in Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Medical etc. Tectona
Google for Tinyos, there are some simulation programs for Tinyos (a precursor to zigbee) under ptolemy. That might give you a headstart. Dave
Maybe implement a wireless mesh network with something like zigbee and use a colour touch screen as the central controller of the system, maybe even use XML to overly the blueprint of the house and the location of the various sensor nodes? Cheers Slayer