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the XBee zigbee modules could be a solution for control over the internet you could use a PCB with an internet connection (wired ethernet or WiFi) and a zigbee coordinator
I want to control one output with 2 inputs but output (contactor) is over 2km away .... I don't want use gsm module! Any solution? maybe some zigbee module .... or..? p.s. output must be logic controlled: if input1 occurs then go to ON and if input2 ocurrs then output must go OFF
hi, sir i want to interface stepper motor with 8051 microcontroller... at present i dont have the idea of building up the driver circuit of stepper motor which can hold the torque of 5kg,,, plz suggest me to build driver circuit. i want to control this stepper motor with zigbee controller... both should work on 8051 platform.. plz suggest me the co
You can try zigbee.
To extend the range of typical Wifi, zigbee or Bluetooth , directional antennas can help. For your case, I saw companies offering modified cell phones with SIM cards for their use as sensor network nodes. Google "sensor networks" , this field has recently developed quite rapidly.
Hello all Message authnetication codes (MAC) are appended with frame to protect original message and header. For example, zigbee offers variations of MAC. I want to know the effect of changing MAC legth (in bytes) on frame authentication? Any help or suggestion will be appreciated. Regards Adeel Sid
Hi all, Is there anyone who is using opnet to simulate zigbee / 802.15.4 network? opnet 15 which I'm using has not a complete model and the model has some restriction for supporting beacon and some state machines(mac layer) are empty! Please advise if you have some solution. is there modual to download to cover the limits? thanks
Reading the RFID tags will require some simple decoding of the manchester code. Probably the best solution from perspective of the future project reuse is to attach some simple PIC controller to the RFID for decoding the data (12F100) and use some 16FXX for zigbee communications. Of course you can put everything into a single controller, but havin
you must have a transceiver on either side.... Based on the band ur going to select there are several transceivers available.... u can use zigbee modules.... there are several other options 2... check out if anyone can suggest a low cost solution....
Dears, I am developing the Industrial Automation Application product. On that i am using open RTOS. I am facing out the following error. I am trying to receive set of packets from zigbee which i have interfaced with the microcontroller. But i couldn't able to receive the data which is more than 16 bytes. i suspected it may occur, because of
Hi, I want to realize a wireless sensor network at 868MHz: this network should be used in open ambient, so long range (and low power) is important for me. What do you think is the better solution? About protocol: i thougth zigbee, but i haven't found interesting solution at this range (I may be mistaken)...A standard implementation is (...)
Hi, You make with zigbee of course. Go to ST Microelectronics, and download zigbee? REva kit library package: This is primary for the REVA zigbee kit, containing libraries and sample applications for ST Micro's like ST7, STR7, STM32, and You can modify it according to Your nee
What cmpanies make the best ICs (with softwares tools) in zigbee market? TI? Ember? ATMEL? or others?
the data rate for zigbee is 40kb/s you can calculate it yourself to find out whether it is ok for your application
If you want to go wireless, check out the zigbee development kit from microchip
zigbee in my opinion.
HI You will need 2 module of bluetooth or zigbee on both side of the PC & 908 You have to wright the the software driver's and setup to init and operate the module's You can also use wireless USB from cypress look at: All the best Bobi
Hi ! How about to look at CHIPCON zigbee solution ?