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Hi, I am working with an IOT based project on raspberry Pi. My project consists of temperature/humidity sensor with transmitter module(EE071) and a raspbee zigbee receiver, used for rececption. The raspbee is interfaced serially with P and Pi is connected to a mosquitto server which is running on another PC. So this UART value can be accesse
Am using DRF_1605 module which works on zigbee technology. i am able to read temperature data from temperature sensor by using these modules, Now i want to transmit feedback from the coordinator to the other 3 nodes by using zigbee technology it is work but i put a LED on the PORTA as output to the feedback and it doesn't (...)
I've been following this forum for quite a while but now I have a problem of my own. Together with a friend of mine I've developed zigbee system for Home automation, just basic stuff on/off/dimming of light turning the heating on and off in order to regulate temperature. But now we would like to connect this system to internet so we are able to
Hello , I am new to zigbee .i tried using Xbee modules and i am getting wireless communication. Now i am trying to interface LM 35 temperatuer sensors at node1 and to display temperatuer at node 2. Problem is ,it is not updating every is showing junk after some time. Please help....
hi to all this my final year project i need to omplement 6 node of wireless sensor network each node involve the folowing: pic18F452 xbee module inteligent power POWER supply sensor LM35 and i need to build an GUI in my pc to recive the value of temperature in any time and make it in garph with real time working perhaps i use LAB
Why RF and not zigbee?
If you want to go wireless, check out the zigbee development kit from microchip