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hi friends, i would like to know the comparison between ceramic/chip antenna and PCB antennas in terms of RF performance (gain, efficiency, range and etc). This antennas are for Wireless technologies such as wifi, Bluetooth, 3G and zigbee. please help.
hi friends, please let me know if you guys know any baseband ICs available for wifi, Bluetooth and zigbee. baseband ICs are without RF transceiver chain. BR pragash
Hello! I want to make a LED light up when I touch two pins together but wirelessly You should be more accurate. What do you mean with wireless? Bluetooth is wireless, so is zigbee (which is almost dead) and so is wifi. A simple loop of copper allows you to also transmit power wirelessly. You may want to describe your system a bit
if you are over a metre or so look at Canbus, RS485, wireed ethernet, zigbee, wifi, etc
the XBee zigbee modules could be a solution for control over the internet you could use a PCB with an internet connection (wired ethernet or wifi) and a zigbee coordinator
Hello, Can anyone give me approximate numbers for power dissipation, output transmitted power, data rates for zigbee, Bluetooth and wifi technologies Thanks
Hi I am implementing zigbee and wifi simulink modules. Is it possible to use the same CCK modulation and spreading in zigbee also which is used in wifi? any response would help me a lot....
Hi I have recently come across wifi module by DIGI in same footprint as zigbee modules. I was searching for something for my home automation project. The advantage to me is that it can be used with zigbee shields of Arduino. The whole setup with webserver(on Arduino) will be around ~70 USD. Thanks
Hi, there, I was trying to connect zigbee with wifihub and PC. zigbee is a star topology composed of one coordinator with 3 end device. zigbee will be sending data to wifi and wifi will send data through internet to PC. I simulated it and it shows error. Then i removed wifi (...)
You can try zigbee.
hi, is it possible to transmit real time voice from one bluetooth module to another. How many steps are required for this. How much hardware is required for this job.
Hello, I am designing a board which has a zigbee and 3G module (both). What are the things/points that I need to consider when designing such a board. I believe that zigbee may interfere with wifi (2.4GHz) ISM band. But, in case of 3G the bands of operation are 850,900,1800 and 1900MHz (SIMCOM SIM5320 3G module). WIll I need any special (...)
To extend the range of typical wifi, zigbee or Bluetooth , directional antennas can help. For your case, I saw companies offering modified cell phones with SIM cards for their use as sensor network nodes. Google "sensor networks" , this field has recently developed quite rapidly.
Thank you so much for your reply. can you tell me how I can use the CC2500 with 9dBi, I mean how I can achieve this spec. & what is the default dB value. what is the max. range I can get from cc2500 ? & according to you which is better to use zigbee or CC2500 ? (I need >=800 m range) Thanks for your time.[/Q
hi, i started my project to connect zigbee with pc for data tranfer with high speed.should can i do?if no then why? please reply me
Hello all, (I am not sure if this the correct group for this post. If not apologies to all) I am curious if zigbee devices (802.15.4) can see wifi 802.11 wireless access points (WAN networks). I do not mean that they can talk to each other or that they transmit data to each other - I imagine that is impossible due to the fact they are of differ
Its specific to application. The cc2530 is for zigbee application, i.e. personal area networks, close proximity short range, battery powered, applications. With zigbee devices you can turn off transmitter and reduce duty cycle thus limiting power usage and conserving battery. Also the cc2530 doesnt have the best lna performance. Typically better pe
What type of wireless devices are you attempting to utilize in your design, zigbee, wifi, Bluetooth, etc? An exact make and model would be most helpful? BigDog
I am designing a small PCB to serve as a daughtercard for a much larger PCB. The small PCB is connected to the larger PCB by a 50-pin FPC cable. The length of the FPC cable is 7 inches. zigbee, wifi, and GPS modules will be mounted on the small PCB. There will be three modules in total, and the maximum current drain of all three modules is app
Hi all, I'm bachelor student and searching for power consumption of wifi(802.11n) and bluetooth, zwave/zigbee and uwb(ultra wide band). The specifications I look for is, consumption in idle and working mode. I've searched google alot but no luck. Can you plz redirect me somewhere or maybe you have any experience with it? Sorry for my

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