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Printed resistors i hope that is right answer... This could be a good option. By the way, how can we realise if the resistance is high, e.g. 10kohm?
Hello zlatkomm, Could you share your design?
@zlatkomm Don't really get what the reason for your hysteric laugh could be? Audioguru may have exaggerated a bit - nowadays it's more likely to find ?10/+50% or better Alu-foil parts - but if you take some older ones, you still have a chance to get a +100% capacitance variance! Manufacturing process variation of Alu foil capacitors was so
Hi zlatkomm, My home FM stereo receiver is a SONY FH-L400, is very sensitive in FM, AM and SW, but this antenna is to my SONY WM-FX425 portable cassette player with FM/AM radio walkman that I'll use to listen FM radio when operating my HAM station in 10m or 2m using a set of creative loudspeakers. Regards, Fernando
Which is the best FREEWARE Simulator for electronic like EWorkbench or something similiar ,only freeware if exist? may I know the link to download EWorkbench? I don't seems to find it anywhere in yahoo and google.
My question is why you choose just 8038 , there is much simplier IC for this like 555 or other 555 will generate square wave not sine.
Thats not quit right.Elektron like also photon has same speed in same medium: For example in space vacum speed is same.:D :D You maybe right! But I'm not sure that the speed of photons has been measured in many of the types of media that electrons travel through! In silicon, a photon will only travel a few microns (de