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zuken CR5000 Mandi I don't post here for a long time. My I ask what other software did you use before that you like so much zuken? I've seen their demo and liked it a lot.
If it is not opening at all then there is little that can be done for it except get zuken to fix it. If it could be opened but keeps crashing once something is done to it, then it can be often fixed by exporting it to an archive file & reading it back in. Trying to open it in Cadstar 10 might be better as it has better file handling.
for plain colours most cad software will do it, but when you get a stripe on it then its a lot harder & will need the speciality harness stuff. Anybody know where a demo of any of these can be found? perhaps a demo of the zuken product?
zuken Cadstar is avilable you can download it from
Is there a way to convert Cadvance file into zuken? Actually I need the ODB++ data from Cadvance. Please let me know if anyone has tried doing this.
Check also zuken I don't know how are the Orcad Family or Altium. When I evaluated some years ago they didn't like me. But probably they are much better now. I would check that they have a powerfull central library management. Regards,
zuken is a company. If you want us to be specific about this, what program and version are you wanting to use that zuken make? Cadstar ? CR5000?
I worked for Philips and they used zuken Cadstar for windows.
If you want to avoid zuken software, simply choose another to use.
zuken CadStar is nice to work.
zuken Cadstar Express is available for free download. This is good apackage for medium design.
I have only experience of Cadstar out of these 2, and for support and library I can say... If you are on the annual maintenance then you do get some support when you need it, you can have your files fixed when they get corrupted etc which is usually OK. Library wise, there is a big collection of libraries available online at zuken, however I
In zuken Software's you can find an advance option of Routability Index in route editor. It gives an idea of component density and net density. more info. u can hav at Oh is that what it is, I just thought it showed pretty colours - lol
U can use Ligtning from zuken.You can get the details from the following link. Regards
use zuken products
Hello All, can anyone tell me which company is using PCB design software zuken in India. to whom we can ask for designing our product. regards.
Cannot because Orcad is circuit design. Not an analysis software. But in zuken software can do it, it can design layout board and circuit analysis. It's very powerfull software in design and analysis. It's can use for digital processing. But it's to expensive.
Any company looking for a PCB Designer using zuken CR5000?? Any Interested company or person please PM me. Thank You Philippines
Michael, Thanks for the reply.Actually i am using one PCB simulation tool(by zuken) that supports only Version3.2.And due to some device models are available in older version,its not possible to do the analysis. So,i was searching any utility.Can you suggest me some thing? Anyway once again thanks abhi sometimes yo
PWB America, Inc. is a complete Quick Turn Printed Circuit Board Prototype Solution Provider from layout design, fabrication and assembly. Specializes in PCB Layout utilizing CAD suites such as Cadence Allegro, zuken CR 5000, PowerPCB (PADS). Types of board layout: Notebook PC, Network testing tools, Telecomm, High Voltage/Current, RF