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The Hot-Stage toolset from zuken.
zuken CR5000
New CADSTAR Express, zuken's free PCB Design Software,now available for download Free web download includes Do-It-Yourself manual Download CADSTAR Express now, and enjoy: increased functionality and ease-of-use all the functionality of CADSTAR 6.0 increased pin limit of 300 an
U can also Use "Lightning" of zuken U can also do simulation for simulation and many more. Check out the site thanks, prasanna
Just a warning for you.. People at zuken also have membership to that group, so do NOT actually mention any illegal hacking etc details as they are watching. You do not need to actually be a maintenance payer to join or use it however there are many people on it that are because zuken could not be bothered to see that an email forum was the b
Bhudha smiles.. watch it is aiming at cadence and zuken..