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I disagree, as well as hate these PCB packages comparisons. I have used numerous packages in the past and have managed to lay boards out exactly the same on the follwoing packages: Cadstar allegro Pads Altium and collegues here have done the same sort of boards on boardsataion. So any package from the top four Cadence, zuken, Mentor, Altium
I am a PCB layout Engineer in the UK and am looking to relocate to Australia in the Melbourne area. I have over 12 years experience in PCB layout using various CAD tools, zuken Visula and Cadence allegro 16.2. I would be grateful for any info on potential oppurtunities. Thanks.
anybody knows zuken cadstar pcb design software.what about ur opinion?
For PCB layout, the number one market share belongs to Cadence allegro in big business. Designers get top dollar for their knowledge of the Cadence EDA suite. The next largest EDA packages are fairly evenly divided between PADS and Altium Designer. Smaller market shares go to zuken, and PCAD (now discontinued and replaced by Altium Designer).
I'm quite sceptical about signal integrity and Altium.... At the same price I cound suggest you to looking for zuken Cadstar with product Silver S (3500pins) or Platinum S (No pins limitation). IBIS Model-DifferentialPair-Length Route-Order Nets-Shielding tool and so on.... I hope to have been by mkbs :D
PWB America, Inc. is a complete Quick Turn Printed Circuit Board Prototype Solution Provider from layout design, fabrication and assembly. Specializes in PCB Layout utilizing CAD suites such as Cadence allegro, zuken CR 5000, PowerPCB (PADS). Types of board layout: Notebook PC, Network testing tools, Telecomm, High Voltage/Current, RF
zuken CR5000

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