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Hi, may I know how to create BGA pad and assign pin number to it manually using BD manager. Thanks!
Hi Everyone, I am new to zuken products. I have experience in PADS, OrCAD, Cadence and Altium. Now I have to create some schematics in zuken CR-5000 and create their repective PCBs. Uptill now I have created some schematics, but failed to convert them to PCB (Though they are very simple). So can anyone help me for the design entry and the
cr5000 is zukens flagship product for pcb design. I beleive it only runs on unix os.
Hello all, My situation is that I have the board data (.pcb, .rul) and the netlist in .ccf format. We do not have the library that is used on the board and when I try to forward annotate I get the error saying "error 43052: Part is unregistered in library. " Is it possible to
Dear all: Is it any Egyptian users for zuken cr5000. If there, pls contact me ASAP. waleed
Are there any zuken users in Australia, New Zealand orr the Asian pacific reqion?
If you are buying it, then get the zuken rep selling it to you to give you a good demonstration & perhaps a trial (time limited) copy.
Yes, I think it is the only way now. But you can check if there is other solution with zuken support. try camcad pcb translator
zuken cr5000 Mandi I don't post here for a long time. My I ask what other software did you use before that you like so much zuken? I've seen their demo and liked it a lot.
zuken is a company. If you want us to be specific about this, what program and version are you wanting to use that zuken make? Cadstar ? cr5000?
I worked for Philips and they used zuken Cadstar for windows.
Any company looking for a PCB Designer using zuken cr5000?? Any Interested company or person please PM me. Thank You Philippines
zuken cr5000